1-800-NO-HELP: The Whites of Their Eyes


We’ve all been there. You’re on the phone seeking professional advice, whether it is financial, medical, or technological, and you feel like the person on the other end is not listening to you at all. They’ll agree with you, and give the occasional “okay” and “uh-huh,” but you can tell they are not truly paying attention to what you’re saying. You feel like they don’t care about your personal situation, and therefore you’re not getting the help you need. This is especially frustrating when you are trying to figure out something as important as your financial future.

The Whites of Their Eyes

There is no such thing as a universal template for a financial portfolio. Financial advising is not a one-size-fits-all business. That is why when I am working with a client, I want to see “the whites of their eyes.” I want to meet one-on-one with them to get to know them and make a personal connection before I give them any advice that will affect their financial future.

I care about my clients the way I care about my family, so I bring the same passion and concern that I bring to my family into my work. I believe that developing a unique, custom-tailored portfolio for an individual requires an intimate knowledge of a client’s unique needs and goals.


Every major discount bank or financial advising company has a 1-800 phone number that clients can call when they need assistance. I call these numbers “1-800-NO-HELP” numbers, because the advice given over the phone is not personalized to the individual, and may not always be in the best interest of the client. It is generalized instead of specialized advice.

The professional on the other end may not know you at all.  So how can they ensure that they are offering you accurate advice that caters to your unique set of circumstances?

In an article published for the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, financial advisor Peter D’Arruda warns about the effects of having a financial advisor who uses the one-size-fits-all philosophy, comparing it to finding your shoe size. No one size of shoe fits everyone, and the same goes for your financial plan.

A good financial planner will “measure” you and find solutions tailored to your individual circumstances. That is the philosophy we believe in at Lindsey and Lindsey. We want to know you– your goals, your vision for your future, and your aspirations to assure your personal financial plan is right for you.


In a talk at the CFA Institute Financial Analysts Seminar, economist and Nobel Prize-winner Robert Shiller addressed the complexities of the financial system, saying, “One important needed advance relates to the state of investment advice. People need good, solid financial advice. The complexities of a financial system require that investors be educated, but that alone is not enough. Serious deficiencies exist in modern financial society, and the average person needs financial guidance from a real person.” I believe it is imperative to establish trust in the client-advisor relationship, person-to-person, in order to develop individualized, tailored portfolios.

Wealth management is not something you should take risks on. You should feel safe, stable, and secure when it comes to your financial future. You have worked hard to build your wealth and should be able to protect your hard-earned assets. I believe that it is a client’s right to expect independent, objective advice when meeting with the person offering them financial solutions, and that they shouldn’t feel like they are talking to an unhelpful “1-800” number offering them generalized, impersonal advice.

Strength, stability, and integrity are the three most important aspects of our core values. At Lindsey and Lindsey, the client’s best interest comes above all else. We want you to be able to achieve your financial goals and secure the future that you aspire to have. For that, we need to see the “whites of your eyes” in person, so that you can get the comprehensive, customized advice you deserve.

~ John Lindsey, CFP®